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    "Laure…" He reached for him, cradling his cheek with the most gentle of touches. His name tasted of gold on his tongue, of Arien’s warmth, their home above cascading waters. It was no dream, this dawn and it’s light reaching their faces, caressing their skin. Soft breath passed between them and he didn’t knew, couldn’t know whose it was.

    There was no need for words, silence enveloping them, radiant with their feelings. It was the dawn’s light, the steady beating of their hearts, the warmth of their bodies that moved oh so slowly. The breaths so shallow and trembling, almost in unison. It was the explosion of love in their hearts, the sweet, sweet music of their bond, of the world around them. It was the peace of the Western Shore, peace of their home where they needn’t to fear. It was their hands, fingers entwined, squeezing, feeling. Their very souls united as one.

    They could taste the bliss on their tongues as they kissed, so lazy, so in love after all that time. They lost count so long ago of years, ages that passed. The times of pain and misery were gone and their bliss lasted, strong, unwavering.

    Golden house, above cascading waters. It echoed with music of their passion, their trust, persistence, strength. It vibrated with the melody of their love, one planted into the Great Music in the beginning of things, blooming now in all it’s glory.

    ★ Writing on request! ★


    How does this works? Super simple.

    What you give me:

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    What you get:

    • a drabble. Or a one-shot. Or a fic. Who knows.


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        Fingolfin and Anaire for likes-drawing-elves, Glorfindel and Ecthelion, Mairon and Melkor for alannada

          Gondolin’, Part Two: Building Gondolin


          I have decided to fill the first of our bingo cards with ridiculous snippets united by a common (silly) theme. I introduced my theme here; now, this 500-word ficlet, intended for the “Building Gondolin” square, expands upon it.

          I do have the whole nine-ficlet arc planned out, BTW. If I finish it in a timely fashion, I might do a second one for another card… I don’t like the idea of bingo square reuse.


          “So,” said Penlod.

          “So,” said Ecthelion.

          The two lords of Vinyamar stared at the freshly-painted terrain model covering the map-room table. It was a true work of art, a vision in soft green and grey. And, like all the best art, it provoked disquiet in its viewers.

          “So,” repeated Penlod, “as you can see, our future city is to stand on a hill. Not in a valley, as previously reported.”

          “To be fair,” said Ecthelion, “this particular hill does appear to be located in a valley… Well, in a caldera. The hill must be a resurgent dome, an unusual, but not undocumented, geological feature.”

          “Something the first surveyors might have noted on their maps,” said Penlod. “It would only have taken a moment, and now… You do realize we will have to redraft all the building plans?”

          “I do.” Ecthelion leaned over the table, frowning. “And it will not be simple. We will have to move the palace complex to the highest site, replace the road grid with something more suited to uneven terrain, and as for the canals, we may have to forego—”

          “Actually, Lord Turgon specifically asked us to keep the canals in. ‘I know you can do it, boys,’ he told me. With that hearty laugh he has been practicing recently.”

          “I wish I shared his gratifying confidence in our abilities.”

          “Oh, I doubt it is genuine. I suspect it is all part of that new motivational leadership style he has taken up, on Lord Finrod’s suggestion.”

          “I… see.” Ecthelion’s eyes roamed the model. “You know, a few canals could be managed easily enough. Our hill may have a steep, pleasantly defensible base, but the top is not very pointy. Indeed, there are many flat areas.”

          Penlod nodded thoughtfully. “Not all at the same level, though.”

          “No. But perhaps… Three levels should cover most of it, no? A large low level all around, a middle level through the center and over to that edge here, and high areas there and… there?”

          “I see. You are suggesting that each level could have its own water network? Connected to the others with elevator platforms, for the transfer of goods and passengers?”

          “Right!” Ecthelion straightened, his eyes bright. “I had not considered transfers, but yes, we could use hydraulics to lift goods… or the boats themselves. We could even build locks.”

          “But locks are so slow, and so… industrial-looking.”

          “Practical, though.”

          “True… But what about adding some gently sloping one-way canals, for speedier downward travel? Just imagine how fine the gondolas would look, racing down a gracefully curving channel, throwing up clouds of crystalline droplets in their wake…”

          “Racing through the city?” Ecthelion raised an eyebrow. “Would that not be dangerous?”

          “I am sure people would behave sensibly enough. And if not… Surely our Guard would be on hand to… provide guidance? We could even add a new department: the Water Traffic Force.“

          “Good idea! We could staff it with Telerin recruits. It might help them focus. For once.”



Ecthelion &amp; Glorfindel

Obligatory reblog.



            Ecthelion & Glorfindel

            Obligatory reblog.


To take part in the Finwion Butts series that has been going around, have Nelyo, contemplating whether or not to give the Elessar to Fingon while half-naked.


              To take part in the Finwion Butts series that has been going around, have Nelyo, contemplating whether or not to give the Elessar to Fingon while half-naked.


                There stood the house of the Golden Flower who bare a rayed sun upon their shield, and their chief Glorfindel bare a mantle so broidered in threads of gold that it was diapered with celandine as a field in spring; and his arms were damascened with cunning gold. Then came from the south of the city the people of the Fountain, and Ecthelion was their lord, and silver and diamonds were their delight; and swords very long and bright and pale did they wield, and they went into battle to the music of flutes.’ - The Fall of Gondolin, The Book of Lost Tales II.

                Glorfindel and Ecthelion, by Kamehame


fëanor and nerdanel totally happened to me and im in pain save me now


                  fëanor and nerdanel totally happened to me and im in pain save me now


glorfindel + flower crown for glorfindeliciouss!! :)


                    glorfindel + flower crown for glorfindeliciouss!! :)